How a squishy little ball can release all your pain.


Results You Can Feel

The John F. Barnes approach is a revolutionary approach to Myofascial Release that actually works. It is the ultimate for pain relief. How many times have you tried to blast your fascia away or spent forever rolling and rolling on that dreaded lacrosse ball only to tense up again the next day? We know a different and better way.

We'll teach you how to use the Myofascial Release principles with a 4" therapy ball to release your pain and tension. Have you ever gotten a massage and thought to yourself 'ugh I wish the massage therapist would just stay in that one spot a little while longer...'? Well, we know just how to do that and we're ready to teach you. It is a gentle yet highly effective technique that goes deep. We love it. It's our absolute go-to self-care technique. 

Liftetime Access to 19 Guided Myofascial Ball Videos

We've put a ton of love, thought and care into crafting the ideal self-care experience for you through video. In these tutorials you will get:


We'll teach you not just about Myofascial Release but also make sure you know how to develop your self-care practice. Get access to our private facebook group where you can ask questions and reach out for help with whatever you may need. We love sharing stories to inspire and lift each other up. 


Watch us (and Katie's mom!) lead you step by step through each technique in an ultra relaxing tropical setting. Then kick back and relax while you listen to music and watch beautiful nature scenes while we keep the time for you. You'll also get PDF transcripts with the details all spelled out for you. Soon you'll be a myofascial pro.


Learn not just the mechanical aspect of how to use your ball but the real nitty gritty of how to soften that tension of yours. We've included a highly effective body awareness meditation to help you with this. Plus you can track your progress with the tracking worksheet and really start to understand your body's and mind's patterns.  

We'll ship you your very own Myofascial Release ball for FREE. It'll be your new best friend.


What Makes This Any Different From Other Types of Fascia Release?

You will learn the only truly effective way to treat yourself with the myofascial ball. We've trained extensively with John F. Barnes, THE founder, yes, THE founder of Myofascial Release and he teaches the only true method of releasing your fascia. Not only will you start to see longer lasting results but it won't be as painful as other methods you may have tried in the past. No rolling, no digging, no scraping. We promise. Just a whole lot of gentle releasing plus a healthy dose of self-love. 

You already tried self-torture. Let's try self-care instead. 


Meet Your Instructors

Nicole Russo LMT and Katie Brockway LMT

Hi! Nice to meet you. We are two Myofascial Release therapists located outside of Boston, MA. Our own back pain and jaw pain is what brought us here. A few years back Nicole couldn't even bend over and Katie couldn't even bite into an apple (very sad for a New Englander). Then something ahhhhmazing happened. Nicole took a Myofascial Release seminar with John F. Barnes. Everything clicked. Finally, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She was hooked. Two years later she introduced Katie to Myofascial Release and a great friendship was forged! We've really learned so much along the way as we've healed our own pain with Myofascial Release. AND it has been amazing to have a friend to share it with. That's why we created this course. To share with you what we know works and create a community of people who are supportive and can cheer each other on. Yay! 

CLIENT has made changes in my body that I would not have imagined...

"I began my use of the MFR ball on my solar plexus for 15 minutes daily. The first day was difficult to do 15 minutes, but I did. I noticed that during that time my breathing settled down. The second day was also difficult, but I was able to do it the first day so I knew I could do it again. I have since been faithful about my 15 minute session every day. Every day is different---some days it felt like I had never been near the MFR ball—others it was like an old friend. I thought that like physical therapy, I was working towards a goal. But, as I have come to know ---fascial release doesn’t work that way. There isn’t a goal that I am working towards—it is a journey on the path to total wellness. I am not trying to heal a specific injury. So I persevered & it has made changes in my body that I would not have imagined. The biggest change is how it has improved my sleep pattern. I now get a more sustained and restful sleep for the first time in years. I have moved to the floor &&now use the MF&&ball for 10 minutes daily on the floor. The big lesson here for me is the importance of consistency of practice. My sessions @ Skin to Soul are wonderful, but for the real change to occur, I need do the “home” work. Real change came over time. So now my MFR ball is in the living room—to use while watching a movie or my favorite to show—not just for that 15 minute session."  

Sheri Z.t


I cannot say enough good about this course!

"I have been a therapist for awhile and a client for much longer. And I thought I was doing okay with self care. This is bringing a whole new level of awareness! I love the nature timer on all the videos. It makes it so much easier to just sink in without worrying about the time factor. And the body awareness meditation...I got to the tightening of my chest and upper back and knew without thought exactly what that felt like. Fear. Living my life in fear. Wow. I choose at least one video a day. Sometimes several. And in just the few days I have been doing this I am much more aware of how I am feeling. 

Thank you thank you thank you for this course!!" 

Vanetta C.

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